The New features of Android N

Android N New features

The new update of the Android, the N version shows us a preview of what the Android version 7.0 will look like, when it arrives later this year. We have listed out the major features of the Android N, that we are  expecting, will be available in the official version.


The split-screen, multitasking feature has been added to the new version, which was lacking in other previous versions of the Android. It can be accessed by holding down the task-switching button. This doesn’t necessarily affect the android apps development as most of the apps works perfectly fine. Double tapping the task-switching button, switches directly to the recently used app, making it the “Alt-Tab” for the Android.


The notifications in the new version of Android, N are visually crisp, with a complete design and smaller icons. They are more function too, i.e., you can now expand them twice successively to see more information and take action accordingly. The Android N also has little buttons to expand each notification. The most interesting feature is the ability to long-press on each notification to control how you’ll receive alerts from the respective app in the future. You also have an option to choose to display the notification silently or block them completely for apps and games, you have not used or played recently.


The very first change you'll notice in the settings of the new Android N is at the top, where suggestions are present for operations you may not have done with your phone yet, like setting up email accounts or voice commands. Each and every option on the list comes with relevant information so that you don’t have to enter each menu to find out what does it do. Being on the menu, you can now check various information like storage capacity, WiFi networks, data usage and many more. Another change is the reflection of the persistent settings in the list itself when activated.

Keyboard Themes

Not the biggest update, but still it's, an update with regards to Android N. You can now choose from numerous themes exclusively available for the stock Google keyboards.  You, now, have the option to choose colors, add or remove borders between the keys, and can even set a photo of your choice as the background.


The performance of the operating system has always been enhanced by Google in every version of the Android it releases and Android N is no exception either. N is adopting a new graphics API called the Vulkan, that will help in delivering a better visual performance for the phones and tablets. Google claims that the new JIT compiler will improve the battery life.

New Set of Emoji

All the quirky blobs are getting a more uniform appearance in this new version of the Android.  The other major proposal made by Google to the Unicode Consortium is to adopt 13 new emoji for a better representation of professional women.

Final Words

Apart from these and further value-added features, the main talking point when the official version arrives, will be its compatibility with virtual reality. Daydream, the new android-powered platform is meant to succeed Google's cardboard initiative. All these mean that, we're in for some exciting times in the near future.

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