Reasons to use React Native for Cross Platform Mobile application Development

React Native for Cross - platform Applications

Developers who deal with both Android application development and iOS application development can skip the hectic task of learning the coding principles of both these platforms. There certain handy cross platform mobile application development frameworks like Phone Gap which help mobile app developers to ease some difficulties to a large extent. However, in the real life situations most of the cross platform frameworks fail to meet the expectation of the users. React Native is an exception to the point. It is getting a wide recognition from many a iOS app development company and android app developers as the finest framework for creating cross platform mobile applications. This article highlights the reasons for the popularity of React Native as a cross mobile application development platform.

Superior User interfaces 

In defining React Native, the creators of this framework has mentioned it as a “JavaScript library” for developing “user interfaces”. The react components concentrates on the view portion of the applications. React Native applications are written with view codes that contain tiny snippets of codes that indicate how a part of the application will be based on the set of input data provided by the developers. Abstractions are represented in a React native platform by means of creating components. These components can be easily modified, call-back, and manged at very level. Thus, this platform helps developers to create superior user interfaces.

Powerful patterns for building applications 

Native applications offer a superior look, feel and speed that many of the frameworks fail to offer. React Native provide simple but powerful patterns for building applications. For proper functioning, this framework needs a view for which the structure must be clearly designed by the programmers for the purpose of placing data. One of the greatest advantages of using React Native is the that the platform re-renders the components according to the changes done in the parent data. It has no data binding or micro managing of the view. When you alter the parent data, React readjusts the view accordingly by using the minimum possible DOM alterations to provide the needed result as wished by the programmers.

It enables superb user-interactions   

React active helps developers to create applications having less complexities, and superb user interactions. React codes figure out mark ups to link functions automatically. It never faces any kind of performance lag, and the implementation is also very easy. For making native applications for iOS and Android, React native serves as a great platform to build native applications.

React is very easy to learn 

React codes are very simple to read and understand. Programmers who know the fundamentals of JavaScript and HTML can learn it very easily. For the basic codes used in this framework is JavaScript. Newcomers may not find working with JavaScript as a difficult task.


In addition to all these React active comes with an excellent ecosystem having even the latest features of the language ES6 enabled in it. It utilizes Flexbox, hence developers can use the very same code they use on Android or iOS to create applications. It has features like code sharing, and all the updates are made live, as well. On the whole, React Native is an ideal platform for  developers working on both android apps development companies and iOS app development companies. It will save the cost and time of learning three languages for accomplishing the task of cross-platform app development.

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