What Are The Most Popular Angular.Js Frameworks Used For Mobile App Development in 2016?

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The wide range of technologies that are available right now, has opened up tremendous opportunities for developers to excel and master the art of website and mobile app developments. An app development is an exclusive field that has seen a huge rise in demand and popularity. A framework   plays a vital rote in the development of both mobile and web applications. Angular.Js is one such MVW JavaScript framework that has gained immense popularity among developers. The Angular.Js framework has many factors going its way, for being the popular framework right now among developers. Few major ones are
  • Enabling an efficient two-way data binding process
  • Being a capable developer-controlled framework
  • Ensuring seamless parallel development
  • Immaculate support of single page apps
  • Ensures a flawless Design-Development work flow
Lets discuss the most important Angualr.Js frameworks that are widely used for mobile app development.

Ionic Framework

Ionic is the powerful front-end Angular.Js framework that's used for mobile app development. Built using the SASS, Ionic offers many UI components that ensure the development of rich and interactive apps. These UI components are also made up of customized HTML elements. The evolution of the Ionic framework to further quicken the process of app development is the Ionic Creator. A simple drag-and-drop procedure is enough for you to build an app using the Ionic Creator. For AngularJs developers, who are looking to build a fast and high-performing app, the Ionic framework is the ideal choice. 

Mobile Angular UI

Adding both Bootstrap 3 and Angular platform, the Mobile Angular UI is used to create interactive mobile applications. The Mobile Angular UI has other important mobile components like switches, overlays and sidebars, which wont be available in a normal bootstrap framework. With the help of only AngularJs directives, developers can convert a web application into a mobile version by just including the provided CSS for making your content responsive and touch-enabled.

Angular Foundation

Another popular framework, Angular Foundation has modified Foundation components that can easily adopt the AngularJs directives and custom HTML elements. This enables the AngularJs developers to use the more semantically named HTML elements rather than the ambiguous ones.

Angular UI Bootstrap

As the name suggests, Angular UI Bootstrap is built on top of the most popular front-end framework, Bootstrap. This framework consists the set of Bootstrap HTML and CSS components-based AngularJs directives. The major one includes accordion, alert, dropdown, trigger, interchange, popover, pagination and progress bar.


We have seen in brief the most popular Angular.Js Frameworks and the reasons for it, being the popular choices. But one must be aware that the mobile application development platform is witnessing a rapid change with regards to developers moving from native to various hybrid app development options. The most popular framework right now may be obsolete in a few months from now. It's up to the developers to equip themselves with all the required knowledge and be able to keep up with the constantly changing trends to develop high-performing apps.

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