iOS 10 beta 6 released for iPhone and iPad

Apple issues iOS 10 beta 6 for developers plus public beta 5 for testers.
Apple switched to the next phase of testing iOS 10. A week after the fifth test assembly of the new OS, the company has extended the updated iOS 6 beta 10, intended for developers and improved iPhone Application Development Services. At the same time, a public beta version of iOS 10 beta 5 became available. Technical issues are available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The size of updates is relatively small – just about 80 MB.

Brief Introduction to iOS 10 beta 6

New iOS Beta 10 is focused on
  • Improving the stability of work
  • Compatibility with the 3rd party applications
  • Energy efficiency
  • Adding several other new features  
Rather, it is one of the last assemblies before the release of the final update in September. This latest edition contains several minor changes and bug fixes. In addition, the improved stability and performance of iPhone and iPad are obvious. The file weighs around 80 MB on smartphones, depending on the particular model.

What’s New in iOS 10 beta 6?
  • Here are the expected innovations for iOS 10 beta 6 offered by and for an iOS App Development Company:A problem with .doc and the section for selecting the wallpaper for iPad was solved.
  • The ability to use Touch ID in order to purchase the applications without entering a password after a restart (apparently not a bug) was saved.
  • Badge of updates in the section titled "Software Update" in the settings is now made in the shape of a red circle, although it was a blue circle before (this change was added to beta 5, but it became clear only after the release of the sixth version)
I guess it is obvious that the newly released beta version is full of various fixes and improvements. Most of the iPhone or iPad users appreciate these modifications. iPhone Application Development Services were significantly improved and updated. A comparative test mentioned above proved it.

Operational stability and compatibility with many other side apps have attracted more customers who would like to download programs and software that was not running on their devices before. This step allowed the company to overcome its main rivals:
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Apple OS
  • Ubuntu
  • Linux
  • Fedora
  • CentOS 
Why Try This Recently Released iOS?

Energy efficiency makes it possible to work longer with your favorite device. Concerning the interface, there are fewer changes. However, a new edition was superior,  as the iOS App Development Company has done a great job to determine and fix bugs.

Technical update file "weighs" just about 60 MB. Users can run the installation of iOS 6 beta 10 right now via Firmware over the Air option in the “Updates of Operating System Settings” or through downloading the latest version from the developer’s section on Apple's official website. Most probably, it is one of the last assemblies before the release of the final 10 iOS update.

As for fun and entertainment, this recently launched version of iOS has brought an up-to-date look to Apple Music and News. Add the redesigned first Home app for HomeKit, Lock screen and Home screen experience for widgets, tons of iMessage features in Messages, and much more. Such a small bonus as a new Home app wallpaper is also pleasant. It has made this software update even more anticipated.

The basic sounds on your favorite iPhone or iPod will be also different from now – they will be less irritating. At the same time, keyboard clicks turned louder, but you can always control the sound level and preferred theme. A new almost dark mode helps to differentiate first-party widgets from third-party widgets. In addition, it is easier to read from your device now.

New music output icons may confuse the user at first, but actually, it looks way cooler. When you reboot your device, there is no need to re-enter your iTunes password in order to make purchases from the AppStore. Use Touch ID without any problems, even after rebooting. Isn’t it awesome?