Google introduces Android Basics Nanodegree

A career in Android apps development always remain as the most astonishing one for every aspiring Android app developer for it is the most happening and so extensive a domain. Individuals who wish to learn programming on Android  and those who know a little about android development will obviously find a great opportunity in the Google’s new offering, “The Android Basics Nanodegree”.

The course offers a good chance for beginners to learn the basics about android programming direct from the horse’s mouth. The program has been launched by Udacity experts in accompaniment with Google.

Along with this program, the first 50 students who finish this course will receive a chance to win a complete scholarship to register in Udacity’s career tracking on the Android Developer Nanodegree program. The scholarship will enable students to get the complete support of experts from the time of enrollment to graduation.

This Udacity-Google tie-up will bring valuable help for the new developers to earn the most crucial knowledge on Android programming. The course includes vital points on Java programming language, interacting with web API’s and the essentials enable the programmers to utilize the SQL database.

The course will transform a student into a technical perfect android developer having a strong fundamental knowledge. At the time of completion of the course, students will have to successfully complete 10 projects including 8 functional application creation in it.

The cost of this Nanodegree offered by Google comes around $199 per month. Students can learn the typical course directly from Google experts. Users will be trained to build real-time applications and professional portfolios. Within two hours of posting the project, expert reviews will be delivered on the project. The user can make use of Udacity Connect to get a chance of face-to face learning.

Nanodegree by Google is structured to be an excellent course for freshers who want to know more on Android application development. The cost per month for learning this program is on the higher side, but the program will provide android app developers with some practical ideas for building some advanced applications.

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