IPhone SE New Features & How Its Differ From iPhone 6s

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s

Apple has given a makeover to its most beloved design and has released a new phone, iPhone SE. Claiming it as the most powerful 4" inch phone ever, Apple's iPhone SE is intended for a specific market segment that can be termed as "affordable luxury". This by no means portrays iPhone SE as a budget phone. The iPhone SE has most of the features of iPhone 6s but in a more compact hardware. Let's look into the features of this new phone and see what have changed, compared to the iPhone 6s and how they impact the multiple iPhone application development services.

Design & Specs

The new iPhone SE has the same Retina display of the iPhone 6s and comes in gold, silver, rose gold and space grey color variations. The sleek case with round corners take us back to the times of the iPhone 5s. Both the 6s and the SE version of the iPhone come with the IOS 9. It features the same A9 chip and M9 motion co-processor like the iPhone 6s. This ensures optimal performance for the iPhone SE. The RAM size is 2GB and the battery capacity is around 1643 mah. iPhone SE has two variations in internal storage, 16GB and 64GB.

Features Same as iPhone 6s

The functionality of the iPhone SE is boosted by a set of features that are similar to the ones present in the iPhone 6s
  • Picture - A 12-megapixel iSight rear-facing camera
  • Video Recording –  iPhone SE is capable of recording excellent 4K quality videos
  • Live Photos – These are mini videos that are in the form of a picture that moves when the pressure is applied to it
  • Siri – A personal assistant that allows the users to use their voice to send messages, search the web, get directions, etc.
  • Apple Pay -  A feature that enables you to use your mobile like a credit card to make purchases.
  • Carrier Options – The device is compatible with most of the wireless carriers.

Features Not Available Compared to iPhone 6s

  • 3D Touch – iPhone SE doesn't have the new version of the multi-touch feature that allows the users to apply pressure to the phone screen for various applications.
  • Lower Resolution Pictures From the Front Cam – The front cam on the iPhone SE can take photos of only 1.2-megapixels. This is a massive difference, when compared to the iPhone 6s that has a 5-megapixel Facetime camera.

The "affordable luxury", the category, Apple wants its iPhone SE to be categorized, has to do a lot with the price points. It starts at $399 that is comparably less than the $649, at which iPhone 6s starts selling. The 64Gb version of the iPhone SE starts at $499.

Final Words

iPhone 6s is the most advanced iPhone to date, but the SE version of the iPhone, has successfully masked most of the functionalities of 6s in a compact design and at an  affordable price. As a user, if you're looking for the latest advancements and favor a smaller phone, iPhone SE is the right choice for you. As for the iPhone application development company, there won't be much of an impact with regard to the operation of the apps, as both iPhone SE and iPhone 6s has similar specs.

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