iOS 10 beta 6 released for iPhone and iPad

Apple issues iOS 10 beta 6 for developers plus public beta 5 for testers.
Apple switched to the next phase of testing iOS 10. A week after the fifth test assembly of the new OS, the company has extended the updated iOS 6 beta 10, intended for developers and improved iPhone Application Development Services. At the same time, a public beta version of iOS 10 beta 5 became available. Technical issues are available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The size of updates is relatively small – just about 80 MB.

Brief Introduction to iOS 10 beta 6

New iOS Beta 10 is focused on
  • Improving the stability of work
  • Compatibility with the 3rd party applications
  • Energy efficiency
  • Adding several other new features  
Rather, it is one of the last assemblies before the release of the final update in September. This latest edition contains several minor changes and bug fixes. In addition, the improved stability and performance of iPhone and iPad are obvious. The file weighs around 80 MB on smartphones, depending on the particular model.

What’s New in iOS 10 beta 6?
  • Here are the expected innovations for iOS 10 beta 6 offered by and for an iOS App Development Company:A problem with .doc and the section for selecting the wallpaper for iPad was solved.
  • The ability to use Touch ID in order to purchase the applications without entering a password after a restart (apparently not a bug) was saved.
  • Badge of updates in the section titled "Software Update" in the settings is now made in the shape of a red circle, although it was a blue circle before (this change was added to beta 5, but it became clear only after the release of the sixth version)
I guess it is obvious that the newly released beta version is full of various fixes and improvements. Most of the iPhone or iPad users appreciate these modifications. iPhone Application Development Services were significantly improved and updated. A comparative test mentioned above proved it.

Operational stability and compatibility with many other side apps have attracted more customers who would like to download programs and software that was not running on their devices before. This step allowed the company to overcome its main rivals:
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Apple OS
  • Ubuntu
  • Linux
  • Fedora
  • CentOS 
Why Try This Recently Released iOS?

Energy efficiency makes it possible to work longer with your favorite device. Concerning the interface, there are fewer changes. However, a new edition was superior,  as the iOS App Development Company has done a great job to determine and fix bugs.

Technical update file "weighs" just about 60 MB. Users can run the installation of iOS 6 beta 10 right now via Firmware over the Air option in the “Updates of Operating System Settings” or through downloading the latest version from the developer’s section on Apple's official website. Most probably, it is one of the last assemblies before the release of the final 10 iOS update.

As for fun and entertainment, this recently launched version of iOS has brought an up-to-date look to Apple Music and News. Add the redesigned first Home app for HomeKit, Lock screen and Home screen experience for widgets, tons of iMessage features in Messages, and much more. Such a small bonus as a new Home app wallpaper is also pleasant. It has made this software update even more anticipated.

The basic sounds on your favorite iPhone or iPod will be also different from now – they will be less irritating. At the same time, keyboard clicks turned louder, but you can always control the sound level and preferred theme. A new almost dark mode helps to differentiate first-party widgets from third-party widgets. In addition, it is easier to read from your device now.

New music output icons may confuse the user at first, but actually, it looks way cooler. When you reboot your device, there is no need to re-enter your iTunes password in order to make purchases from the AppStore. Use Touch ID without any problems, even after rebooting. Isn’t it awesome?

Which platform is best to build an app – Android or IOS?

Android or iOS - Which one is best?

Ever since the evolution of smartphones, app development has undergone various astronomical changes and have used various platforms. The two most prominent and popular app development platforms, IOS and Android have been locking horns with each other, trying hard to out-smart the other at every single opportunity. It's not a straightforward answer to the question which platform is the best? There are a lot of parameters and scenarios to consider before we can arrive at a decisive solution. Let's analyze both these platform with regards to the following.

The demographics

Determining the target demographic is a very critical factor for the success of any business venture and both these platforms have precisely defined their target demographics and was able to cater to their needs brilliantly. IOS targeted the demographic that included people who have a higher income, higher spending capacity and those who have a higher level of engagement. While the Android targeted, a slightly lower income demographic and the developing nations. This does not mean people in the IOS-targeted demographic are not using an Android and vice versa.

The Revenue Models

The revenue models of both the Android and the IOS platforms directly reflects the revenue-generating approaches of Google and Apple respectively. A high percentage of apps, those support ads are present in Android, while the IOS has more users who pay for the apps.

The Development Speed

Android, even though being an open source, has hurdles with regard to lockdowns by carriers and OEMs and results in the new apps taking a longer time to adapt to the latest OS in Android when compared to the IOS. This has a direct impact on the development speed as an Android app takes a longer time to build when compared to the IOS. Another consideration to the development speed is the release-to-approval ratio. On average, Apple approves 4-5 updates per month while Android approves the same number of updates per day. So we can positively say that Apple gets your app to the market quickly and Android allows the users of your app to get regular updates more quickly.

The Apps – Cost & Features
  • Cost
Hiring an IOS App development company or an Android App development company or doing the development process in-house, the cost can be measurable on all scenarios. As Android apps take a longer time to build, the cost of building those apps are obviously higher. This is where IOS edges forward as their apps bring in more revenue compared to the Android.
  • Features
Being an open source, Android offers the developer a much deeper access to the operating system itself, thus enabling the creation of apps, enriched with features. Some apps are built to be run on a rugged hardware with a customized ROM. An Android platform suits well for these kinds of apps and has an advantage over an IOS platform. IOS on the other hand, with its more “locked-down” OS, compared to the “open” OS of the Android, was able to penetrate effortlessly into the business sector, offering secure applications.

Final Words

It's very much clear by this point, that not one platform can be crowned a distinct winner. Each of the two platforms has its pros and cons and are put to use, based on the various necessities. You as an application developer or an entrepreneur should be able to decide the platform that's well-suited for your app and its users. Sometimes both an IOS and an Android platform can be used to create one app to capture a major share of the market. Hence, make the right choice and take your app towards a greater success.
Google introduces Android Basics Nanodegree

Google introduces Android Basics Nanodegree

A career in Android apps development always remain as the most astonishing one for every aspiring Android app developer for it is the most happening and so extensive a domain. Individuals who wish to learn programming on Android  and those who know a little about android development will obviously find a great opportunity in the Google’s new offering, “The Android Basics Nanodegree”.

The course offers a good chance for beginners to learn the basics about android programming direct from the horse’s mouth. The program has been launched by Udacity experts in accompaniment with Google.

Along with this program, the first 50 students who finish this course will receive a chance to win a complete scholarship to register in Udacity’s career tracking on the Android Developer Nanodegree program. The scholarship will enable students to get the complete support of experts from the time of enrollment to graduation.

This Udacity-Google tie-up will bring valuable help for the new developers to earn the most crucial knowledge on Android programming. The course includes vital points on Java programming language, interacting with web API’s and the essentials enable the programmers to utilize the SQL database.

The course will transform a student into a technical perfect android developer having a strong fundamental knowledge. At the time of completion of the course, students will have to successfully complete 10 projects including 8 functional application creation in it.

The cost of this Nanodegree offered by Google comes around $199 per month. Students can learn the typical course directly from Google experts. Users will be trained to build real-time applications and professional portfolios. Within two hours of posting the project, expert reviews will be delivered on the project. The user can make use of Udacity Connect to get a chance of face-to face learning.

Nanodegree by Google is structured to be an excellent course for freshers who want to know more on Android application development. The cost per month for learning this program is on the higher side, but the program will provide android app developers with some practical ideas for building some advanced applications.

Reasons to use React Native for Cross Platform Mobile application Development

React Native for Cross - platform Applications

Developers who deal with both Android application development and iOS application development can skip the hectic task of learning the coding principles of both these platforms. There certain handy cross platform mobile application development frameworks like Phone Gap which help mobile app developers to ease some difficulties to a large extent. However, in the real life situations most of the cross platform frameworks fail to meet the expectation of the users. React Native is an exception to the point. It is getting a wide recognition from many a iOS app development company and android app developers as the finest framework for creating cross platform mobile applications. This article highlights the reasons for the popularity of React Native as a cross mobile application development platform.

Superior User interfaces 

In defining React Native, the creators of this framework has mentioned it as a “JavaScript library” for developing “user interfaces”. The react components concentrates on the view portion of the applications. React Native applications are written with view codes that contain tiny snippets of codes that indicate how a part of the application will be based on the set of input data provided by the developers. Abstractions are represented in a React native platform by means of creating components. These components can be easily modified, call-back, and manged at very level. Thus, this platform helps developers to create superior user interfaces.

Powerful patterns for building applications 

Native applications offer a superior look, feel and speed that many of the frameworks fail to offer. React Native provide simple but powerful patterns for building applications. For proper functioning, this framework needs a view for which the structure must be clearly designed by the programmers for the purpose of placing data. One of the greatest advantages of using React Native is the that the platform re-renders the components according to the changes done in the parent data. It has no data binding or micro managing of the view. When you alter the parent data, React readjusts the view accordingly by using the minimum possible DOM alterations to provide the needed result as wished by the programmers.

It enables superb user-interactions   

React active helps developers to create applications having less complexities, and superb user interactions. React codes figure out mark ups to link functions automatically. It never faces any kind of performance lag, and the implementation is also very easy. For making native applications for iOS and Android, React native serves as a great platform to build native applications.

React is very easy to learn 

React codes are very simple to read and understand. Programmers who know the fundamentals of JavaScript and HTML can learn it very easily. For the basic codes used in this framework is JavaScript. Newcomers may not find working with JavaScript as a difficult task.


In addition to all these React active comes with an excellent ecosystem having even the latest features of the language ES6 enabled in it. It utilizes Flexbox, hence developers can use the very same code they use on Android or iOS to create applications. It has features like code sharing, and all the updates are made live, as well. On the whole, React Native is an ideal platform for  developers working on both android apps development companies and iOS app development companies. It will save the cost and time of learning three languages for accomplishing the task of cross-platform app development.

The New features of Android N

Android N New features

The new update of the Android, the N version shows us a preview of what the Android version 7.0 will look like, when it arrives later this year. We have listed out the major features of the Android N, that we are  expecting, will be available in the official version.


The split-screen, multitasking feature has been added to the new version, which was lacking in other previous versions of the Android. It can be accessed by holding down the task-switching button. This doesn’t necessarily affect the android apps development as most of the apps works perfectly fine. Double tapping the task-switching button, switches directly to the recently used app, making it the “Alt-Tab” for the Android.


The notifications in the new version of Android, N are visually crisp, with a complete design and smaller icons. They are more function too, i.e., you can now expand them twice successively to see more information and take action accordingly. The Android N also has little buttons to expand each notification. The most interesting feature is the ability to long-press on each notification to control how you’ll receive alerts from the respective app in the future. You also have an option to choose to display the notification silently or block them completely for apps and games, you have not used or played recently.


The very first change you'll notice in the settings of the new Android N is at the top, where suggestions are present for operations you may not have done with your phone yet, like setting up email accounts or voice commands. Each and every option on the list comes with relevant information so that you don’t have to enter each menu to find out what does it do. Being on the menu, you can now check various information like storage capacity, WiFi networks, data usage and many more. Another change is the reflection of the persistent settings in the list itself when activated.

Keyboard Themes

Not the biggest update, but still it's, an update with regards to Android N. You can now choose from numerous themes exclusively available for the stock Google keyboards.  You, now, have the option to choose colors, add or remove borders between the keys, and can even set a photo of your choice as the background.


The performance of the operating system has always been enhanced by Google in every version of the Android it releases and Android N is no exception either. N is adopting a new graphics API called the Vulkan, that will help in delivering a better visual performance for the phones and tablets. Google claims that the new JIT compiler will improve the battery life.

New Set of Emoji

All the quirky blobs are getting a more uniform appearance in this new version of the Android.  The other major proposal made by Google to the Unicode Consortium is to adopt 13 new emoji for a better representation of professional women.

Final Words

Apart from these and further value-added features, the main talking point when the official version arrives, will be its compatibility with virtual reality. Daydream, the new android-powered platform is meant to succeed Google's cardboard initiative. All these mean that, we're in for some exciting times in the near future.

New things in Android Application Development

Android application development

To lead the excitement of android application developers to another level, Android as a platform is getting braced with some amazing improvements. The main additions include an advanced Developer Preview of Android N, an enhancement of virtual reality supported by Android, and a new Android studio and some performance improvements. All these inclusions exhibit the growth of Android to provide developers and users with some stunning features. Let us read all that here.

Speed, security, and productivity 

Android N focuses on delivering improved speed, security, and productivity to users. The new platform N is an outcome of extensive research done by developers to add the elegance of android. An updated JIT compiler was used in the first Developer Preview to deliver quick app installations, reduce storage space and boost up the software speed. Vulkan was included in the second N Developer Preview for improved 3D and graphical performance, especially on mobile devices.

Thus, both these Android N developer previews contain Multi-Window support and Direct Reply. The performance, security and productivity improvements are backed by a superior update option. It helps devices having Android N platform to do system updates in the backdrop. When a user powers up an android N device it will get automatically updated to new features. This Beta release can be accessed by using Nexus devices that run on stock android.

Android VR Mode 

Even though android has been running on multiple devices with different screen resolutions that can be used in anywhere as liked by the users, the older platform lacks an impressive presence of virtual contents. The ecosystem of Andriod does not have enough power to support VR mode. Developers had worked hard to make the ecosystem of Android superior in terms of display, and pixel clarity to provide users impressive visual reality. Single buffer rendering and other improvements have added in Android N to improve its performance as well as visual clarity. The latency graphics will surely provide the new Android N an edge over other devices.

No installation apps/ Android instant apps 

One of the supreme feature added to the Android N Developer is instant app installation. Here onward, users can run an application without installing it. Users need not have to install or authenticate android apps but they can run it in an instant. The instant app feature will be compatible with devices running on Jellybean or higher android operating systems. The feature will act as an upgrade, and it will not function as a separate app. Hence, users can experience it easily in the updated android ecosystem.

UI changes for Android Wear 2.0

Android wear 2.0 apps has been made to standalone. Now, users can access these apps directly by using cloud services, Wi-Fi or a smart phone connection without the aid of Data Layer API. A good number of UI changes have been added to make the Android Wear 2.0 consistent and beautiful.

Android Studio 2.2 Preview;- a new layout designer 

The finest way to run the features enabled in Android N is to use it with Android Studio 2.2 preview. Android Studio 2.2 preview comes with enriched options to add the visual and performance capability of android N. Thus, Android apps development will remain as an advanced and easy process with the launch of the Android N Developer.

IPhone SE New Features & How Its Differ From iPhone 6s

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s

Apple has given a makeover to its most beloved design and has released a new phone, iPhone SE. Claiming it as the most powerful 4" inch phone ever, Apple's iPhone SE is intended for a specific market segment that can be termed as "affordable luxury". This by no means portrays iPhone SE as a budget phone. The iPhone SE has most of the features of iPhone 6s but in a more compact hardware. Let's look into the features of this new phone and see what have changed, compared to the iPhone 6s and how they impact the multiple iPhone application development services.

Design & Specs

The new iPhone SE has the same Retina display of the iPhone 6s and comes in gold, silver, rose gold and space grey color variations. The sleek case with round corners take us back to the times of the iPhone 5s. Both the 6s and the SE version of the iPhone come with the IOS 9. It features the same A9 chip and M9 motion co-processor like the iPhone 6s. This ensures optimal performance for the iPhone SE. The RAM size is 2GB and the battery capacity is around 1643 mah. iPhone SE has two variations in internal storage, 16GB and 64GB.

Features Same as iPhone 6s

The functionality of the iPhone SE is boosted by a set of features that are similar to the ones present in the iPhone 6s
  • Picture - A 12-megapixel iSight rear-facing camera
  • Video Recording –  iPhone SE is capable of recording excellent 4K quality videos
  • Live Photos – These are mini videos that are in the form of a picture that moves when the pressure is applied to it
  • Siri – A personal assistant that allows the users to use their voice to send messages, search the web, get directions, etc.
  • Apple Pay -  A feature that enables you to use your mobile like a credit card to make purchases.
  • Carrier Options – The device is compatible with most of the wireless carriers.

Features Not Available Compared to iPhone 6s

  • 3D Touch – iPhone SE doesn't have the new version of the multi-touch feature that allows the users to apply pressure to the phone screen for various applications.
  • Lower Resolution Pictures From the Front Cam – The front cam on the iPhone SE can take photos of only 1.2-megapixels. This is a massive difference, when compared to the iPhone 6s that has a 5-megapixel Facetime camera.

The "affordable luxury", the category, Apple wants its iPhone SE to be categorized, has to do a lot with the price points. It starts at $399 that is comparably less than the $649, at which iPhone 6s starts selling. The 64Gb version of the iPhone SE starts at $499.

Final Words

iPhone 6s is the most advanced iPhone to date, but the SE version of the iPhone, has successfully masked most of the functionalities of 6s in a compact design and at an  affordable price. As a user, if you're looking for the latest advancements and favor a smaller phone, iPhone SE is the right choice for you. As for the iPhone application development company, there won't be much of an impact with regard to the operation of the apps, as both iPhone SE and iPhone 6s has similar specs.

What Are The Most Popular Angular.Js Frameworks Used For Mobile App Development in 2016?

Hire Angularjs Developer

The wide range of technologies that are available right now, has opened up tremendous opportunities for developers to excel and master the art of website and mobile app developments. An app development is an exclusive field that has seen a huge rise in demand and popularity. A framework   plays a vital rote in the development of both mobile and web applications. Angular.Js is one such MVW JavaScript framework that has gained immense popularity among developers. The Angular.Js framework has many factors going its way, for being the popular framework right now among developers. Few major ones are
  • Enabling an efficient two-way data binding process
  • Being a capable developer-controlled framework
  • Ensuring seamless parallel development
  • Immaculate support of single page apps
  • Ensures a flawless Design-Development work flow
Lets discuss the most important Angualr.Js frameworks that are widely used for mobile app development.

Ionic Framework

Ionic is the powerful front-end Angular.Js framework that's used for mobile app development. Built using the SASS, Ionic offers many UI components that ensure the development of rich and interactive apps. These UI components are also made up of customized HTML elements. The evolution of the Ionic framework to further quicken the process of app development is the Ionic Creator. A simple drag-and-drop procedure is enough for you to build an app using the Ionic Creator. For AngularJs developers, who are looking to build a fast and high-performing app, the Ionic framework is the ideal choice. 

Mobile Angular UI

Adding both Bootstrap 3 and Angular platform, the Mobile Angular UI is used to create interactive mobile applications. The Mobile Angular UI has other important mobile components like switches, overlays and sidebars, which wont be available in a normal bootstrap framework. With the help of only AngularJs directives, developers can convert a web application into a mobile version by just including the provided CSS for making your content responsive and touch-enabled.

Angular Foundation

Another popular framework, Angular Foundation has modified Foundation components that can easily adopt the AngularJs directives and custom HTML elements. This enables the AngularJs developers to use the more semantically named HTML elements rather than the ambiguous ones.

Angular UI Bootstrap

As the name suggests, Angular UI Bootstrap is built on top of the most popular front-end framework, Bootstrap. This framework consists the set of Bootstrap HTML and CSS components-based AngularJs directives. The major one includes accordion, alert, dropdown, trigger, interchange, popover, pagination and progress bar.


We have seen in brief the most popular Angular.Js Frameworks and the reasons for it, being the popular choices. But one must be aware that the mobile application development platform is witnessing a rapid change with regards to developers moving from native to various hybrid app development options. The most popular framework right now may be obsolete in a few months from now. It's up to the developers to equip themselves with all the required knowledge and be able to keep up with the constantly changing trends to develop high-performing apps.

Advanced Custom Web Development Services

Custom Web Development Company

With advancement in technology happening at a rapid pace, programmers and developer had to work smart and consistently to understand the latest trends and equip themselves with the required knowledge to keep up with the ever-happening change. Web development has come a long way from the traditional coding methods and website developers are faced with heightened expectations to deliver comprehensive websites. Custom web development came into forge and was able to deliver the goods with high precision and quality.

The advanced Custom web development services

Various custom web development companies are doing an excellent job in equipping themselves with the latest knowledge in technology advancement on a regular basis and are able to offer seamless services to the end users. The following are some of the advanced web development services being offered in the present time frame.

Enhanced Motion User Interface

Based on the trend shift  happening in 2016, website developers  are using the Motion Ui, a Sass library, that's used to create animations and CSS transitions in a very short span of time. Motion UI also helps in making app's transitions look smooth and rich with its predefined motions. Developers prefer Motion Ui for the way it seamlessly integrates the prototypical animated elements into websites.

Highly Responsive designs

The most recognized advancement in the web development service is the responsive designs. The emergence of wearable devices and cross-platform touch devices are challenging the website developers to create highly responsive designs that work relentlessly without affecting its functions and responsibilities. They make use of advance technologies like PHP, Node Js, Motion Ui, Semantic UI, etc., to come up such responsive and interactive designs.

Excellent Single Page App Framework

Built around Angular JS and the flexbox grid system, the Foundation for Apps is the first, front-end single page app framework that enables a quick and easy responsive web app creation process. Developers use this advancement so that they can concentrate writing codes that are unique for a   particular application.

Increased Usage of Cloud-based IDEs

Custom web developers are more inclined to use cloud-based versions of IDEs for its speed, accessibility and a huge community backing. Desktop-centered IDEs are still very much in reference, but a cloud-based IDE offers immense flexibility. All you need is a laptop to run a cloud-based IDE.   

Neutralizing various AD blocking pulgins 
Businesses are loosing millions in revenue due to the various ad blocking plugins. These plugins prevents ads from being shown on sites like YouTube, etc. Considered a nuisance for users, these ads are major revenue generation options for companies and developers are working on the technologies to nullify the effects of these Ad blocking plugins. 


Usage of various advancements not only ensure a top-notch website being created but also equips the developers with knowledge of the vast variety of tools and the latest development trends. The ever-growing need to make the web development process easy without any compromises, one can say for sure that more exciting and advanced services are yet to come!

Best Strategy To Develop An Android application

Android App Development Services

In this smart age that is witnessing an unprecedented advancement in technology, mobile apps are considered a major source for revenue generation. Android app developers develop around a million app every day and not all of it is as successful as expected. To sustain in this highly competitive market space, every android app development company is trying to come up with a strategy that can be put into use to create a successful android app. Being an open source, there is nothing called an ideal or a perfect strategy in developing an Android app. The best strategy for an Android app development focuses on important parameters that has to be matched, for the successful development of an app.

Target Audience Should Be The Main Focus Point

The fundamental and the most important thought process in the app development is to be audience-centric. A through analysis of the target audience and their expectation goes a long way in determining the success of the app being developed. No matter how rich and functional the app is, if it's not meeting the expectation of the targeted segment, it's considered a failure.

Create A Seamless User Interface

The User interface is the first thing the end user notices in the app. It is very important it create an app that makes the user to use it without much difficulty. The navigation within the app, the operational functions of it's features should be extremely efficient, so that the user Is not confused while using it. An interactive UI ensures a better visibility at the app store.

Incorporate Excellent Features

The features of the app, its functionality and usefulness directly determines the success of the app. A features-rich app helps in reaching out to most of the target audience and ensures a high probability of downloads. Therefore, more amount of time has to be invested in exploring and finding out the best features that can enhance the success of the app.

Conduct Multiple Tests

Testing and development are two simultaneous processes, that make sure the end user doesn't  receive a faulty and non-functional app. Multilevel testing ensures errors are detected and rectified at the earlier stages of the app development and in turns ensure a refined version of the app for the users.

Make the app distinctly visible

A good strategy for android app development should consider marketing the app as important as developing it. To be competing in a vast market, an Android app has to induce rigorous marketing and use the proper channels of promotion to create a distinct visibility that helps in reaching out to the target audience. A stronger market value gains huge awareness and helps in sustaining in a fiercely competitive environment.


Being an Android app developer gives you a wide canvas to explore and experiment to come up with the best app for your target audience. The sheer size of the market can ensures huge success and at a same time colossal failure. Selecting the right strategy considering the factors discussed to build the right app gives you a fighting chance to stand out among the millions.