New things in Android Application Development

Android application development

To lead the excitement of android application developers to another level, Android as a platform is getting braced with some amazing improvements. The main additions include an advanced Developer Preview of Android N, an enhancement of virtual reality supported by Android, and a new Android studio and some performance improvements. All these inclusions exhibit the growth of Android to provide developers and users with some stunning features. Let us read all that here.

Speed, security, and productivity 

Android N focuses on delivering improved speed, security, and productivity to users. The new platform N is an outcome of extensive research done by developers to add the elegance of android. An updated JIT compiler was used in the first Developer Preview to deliver quick app installations, reduce storage space and boost up the software speed. Vulkan was included in the second N Developer Preview for improved 3D and graphical performance, especially on mobile devices.

Thus, both these Android N developer previews contain Multi-Window support and Direct Reply. The performance, security and productivity improvements are backed by a superior update option. It helps devices having Android N platform to do system updates in the backdrop. When a user powers up an android N device it will get automatically updated to new features. This Beta release can be accessed by using Nexus devices that run on stock android.

Android VR Mode 

Even though android has been running on multiple devices with different screen resolutions that can be used in anywhere as liked by the users, the older platform lacks an impressive presence of virtual contents. The ecosystem of Andriod does not have enough power to support VR mode. Developers had worked hard to make the ecosystem of Android superior in terms of display, and pixel clarity to provide users impressive visual reality. Single buffer rendering and other improvements have added in Android N to improve its performance as well as visual clarity. The latency graphics will surely provide the new Android N an edge over other devices.

No installation apps/ Android instant apps 

One of the supreme feature added to the Android N Developer is instant app installation. Here onward, users can run an application without installing it. Users need not have to install or authenticate android apps but they can run it in an instant. The instant app feature will be compatible with devices running on Jellybean or higher android operating systems. The feature will act as an upgrade, and it will not function as a separate app. Hence, users can experience it easily in the updated android ecosystem.

UI changes for Android Wear 2.0

Android wear 2.0 apps has been made to standalone. Now, users can access these apps directly by using cloud services, Wi-Fi or a smart phone connection without the aid of Data Layer API. A good number of UI changes have been added to make the Android Wear 2.0 consistent and beautiful.

Android Studio 2.2 Preview;- a new layout designer 

The finest way to run the features enabled in Android N is to use it with Android Studio 2.2 preview. Android Studio 2.2 preview comes with enriched options to add the visual and performance capability of android N. Thus, Android apps development will remain as an advanced and easy process with the launch of the Android N Developer.

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